Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Built-in-seat sand box

Even though I didn't find the source of the image in my last post, I did come across this post on Pinterest today and it's pretty similar. A member of the Ana White community made this sandbox
This is only a half sandbox and apparently there are instructions somewhere for a full size one, but this is plenty of info to get started on this project.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bad Pinners

We've all experienced the Pinterest links that go nowhere, right? So, when an original image/post cannot be found, but I really want to save something, I will try to take a moment to write my own post for it LOL!

This neat idea for a sandbox was listed on Pinterest by a well known DIY host, but when you followed the link to his website, the information was for a different sandbox. TinEye found no instance of the photo except on Pinterest so... Here it is. 
It looks like the sandbox has hinges and wood block stops to create a lid that opens up into a bench. It wouldn't keep the rain out, but it would keep cats out!

If you know where this awesome idea came from, please let me know.

I just don't have time

Or rather, I don't have the drive to blog. I like it in theory, but I'd rather spend my computer time reading other people's blogs, hunting on pinterest, or keeping up on facebook. I haven't posted any of the things I actually made in YEARS. LOL! But it can be useful to have a blog for various things and occasional random postings.